Monday, November 17, 2008

Making a list....

Lists are good. Lists keep us organized and on task. Lists can be fun, creative, necessary, and cry out to be remembered and read. Stick lists on fridges, cupboards, mirrors, car steering wheels....any place that you frequent and the list gets 'in your face."
A great list to make is a book list. You can browse those big book companies and make a wish list. You can bring a piece of paper in your purse and wallet and make a list of books that are must haves for this season. Our shop is full of rich, wonderful Christmas books for you to add to your list. The nice thing about our shop is we have the knowledge and expertise to advise you as to what you should put on your list. We know story content, the appropriate age level, whether is touches your heart, your head, or your funny bone. We add the personal touch and heart to your list. Lists mean nothing is they are not acted upon. Come visit us at the shop with your wish list and we will help make your list a reality. LIST really means:

Love=Storytime Read to someone today!

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