Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Season's greetings to everyone

I have been busy writing reviews for people so am getting a late start this week for this blog. Books, books, books, you can't read or have enough books. Books all over your house, in your car, by the tub, in the bathroom - scatter them around to pick up and enjoy anytime, anywhere. Do you subscribe to any good magazines? What about a newspaper? Make reading a priorty in your home and the kids will naturally fall into the good reader catagory because they see you doing it and enjoying it. Fantastic books out there for the Christmas season. Mortimer, Fartsy Claus, A Bird in Santa's Beard, Christmas in the Barn, The Fir Tree, The Crippled Lamb are great ones to check out. Websites that you can play around with after the books are read are northpole,com, santaclaus.net, noradsanta.org and officialsantamail.com. Don't forget the loveable classics like How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Night Before Christmas. Bring out your precious Christmas book collection to help with your decorating. Line beautiful, colourful, Christmas books up your staircase or place a stack on your coffee table so that when you are off getting the eggnog for your guests, they can thumb through and enjoy the latest Christmas books. Small books are great stocking stuffers and remember when you give a book inscribe it and date it for the receiver to treasure as a long time gift. When snapping those Christmas photos be sure to include cameo shots of kids reading or being read to. Know that the gift of books will make your child gifted!

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