Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night....

But wait! Tomorrow dawns brightly at Baby Bookworms. The shop is history but our future is going to be awesome. Did you have a wonderful, restful day yesterday? This is such a fun time of the year. I hope you got some new books to read in the upcoming days. Did you give books as well as receive them? We must be "wordkeepers", we must keep books and literature alive and pass them on to future generations. We must be ambassadors of stories and readings from the heart. We cannot allow the books to remain closed and the dust cloud out the words. For the new year purpose to be a light to the book world. Shine your light on all the genres to enjoy, all the interesting that places you can read, and how many people (especially kids) that you can impact with books this year. We cannot let the light be snuffed out... it's up to us to blow on the embers,to stir up the fire and be challenged to heat up the reading experience in all of us. Start the fire! Let it roar and burn. Let sparks fly out all over the world. Let it be known that books are a "hot" commodity.

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