Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years from Baby Bookworms

Hope you celebrated heartily last night and you have all your New Year's Resolutions planned out for 2009. Here are some that BBW's envision for the new year. 1) spread the vision and value of reading aloud to a child every day....from the heart 2) challenge children and adults to collect, buy, give, read, share, converse, immerse themselves in a good book and then pass it on to someone they love to enjoy 3) find interesting and optimal opportunities to coach, teach, inspire, - teachers/librarians/parents/kids/the elderly/anyone , that reading should be their number one priority and to ignite the passion inside of them once more to dive into a good storybook 4) be a voice crying out to school boards, families, communities to take up the torch to read and share good literature in their school curriculum and programmes - make it fun and relational so kids will understand the heart connection that is involved 5) to enhance the gift of reading at every opportunity...especially to parents...books are precious, they are valued, they can once again become an important part of the fabric of our society. Let us stand together and promote reading so our children can become successful, lifelong readers. Join us in the fight against illiteracy. Yes, we can change direction and see our children and country flourish once again. Can you imagine our Canada with a 100% literacy rate? Now that would make it a very, very, Happy New Year!

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