Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hurray to our neighbours to the south who just got a brand new president. I am exhausted from watching all the frivolity on the telly yesterday but thrilled that change is coming too. Everywhere you looked people were glued to their t.v.'s, radio's and the internet to share in this historic moment. It seemed that the whole world was on pause to watch this fabulous event! Everyone held their breathe and then exploded with cheers and praise after the oath was taken. I would have liked to have been in a space shuttle and watched the energy rising in the atmosphere as the shout rose to the heavens. Can you imagine a world where everyone found the perfect book (translated in their native language) and stopped to read it? J.K. Rowlings almost did that with Harry Potter so it can be done. Who would you suggest the author to be? Imagine, people waiting anxiously for the new title to be released and everyone receiving a copy and those who can read helping those who can't so they too can know the story. It could be a world reading game and everyone could participate. What fun and energy and relationships would be established. What is the best book you have read to make you feel that way? If it was in a series, lucky you, because you could wait for the sequel. I know the feeling myself of completing an awesome read and feeling let down and despondent (kind of like that after-Christmas feeling) with a sense of what am I going to read now. Authors are out there, let's get people inspired to take up the can be done in a family, a school, a community, a province, a whole country. I think Korea now has something like that in place and Oprah has her input with her book clubs. Let's pass this passion on to our kids. The excitement and anticipation around a good book to read is very, very good for your soul. It gets people's imaginations churning, vocabulary expanding and conversations buzzing at home and abroad.

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