Thursday, February 19, 2009

Excitement in Canada today!

Today President Barak Obama is taking his first international trip into our beautiful country of Canada. The excitement and buzz around this event is truly thrilling to Canadians. People are eagerly waiting for just a glimpse of this "rock star status" guy. This is a perfect time to introduce your child to what will be tomorrow, an historic event. Try getting some literature to share with your child regarding this historic visit. You do not necessarily have to go out and purchase a book but when your newspaper comes to your door (or you specifically go out and buy one for this occasion) share the photos and news stories with your children. Trust me, in the future, you will be glad that you did. These special events will be recorded in our historical chronicles and when your child gets to sit in a history class in school they will be familiar with who Mr. Obama is, what he believes (in change, of course) and many more details because you were there at the time documenting all these things, first hand, with you child. Take advantage of these learning windows and sew into your child's education. The next time you are with your child in the library find a book about the President Obama, his wife Michelle, or their entire family. While your at it, try to give them some Canadian history too starting with Mr. Steven Harper. History does not have to be boring....just sharing will impart historical knowledge to your child. Who knows? You may be talking to a future Prime Minister right from your very own family!

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