Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring has sprung....

When you look around you, you can verify the fact that spring is coming upon us. Little green sprouts are in my garden and the snow has melted in my yard. Joining our bird feeder customers is the beautiful robin bird, a true sign of spring. I have stored away the winter boots (in faith) but alas, mittens and toques still array my front hall. This is the time of year to be purchasing books with the Spring theme attached. There are numerous books both fiction and non-fiction that can educate and stimulate your child to engage them more into the arrival of spring. If your child is thinking of being a baseball pro...."Casey up to Bat" will suffice. There are many, many books on gardening and info regarding the beautiful birds that visit your own backyard.

Kids love to be outdoors enjoying the warmer weather. Think of buying a skipping rope for your kids and teaching them skipping rhymes to spin off their tongues. Remember those long ago days when school yards were abuzz with chants, songs, rhymes for skipping and the famous Red Rover game. Let's bring those times back for our kids sake. A very good book to purchase for Canadian skipping poems is by David Booth called; "Mr. Knickerbocker and other poems and rhymes." Better still make the skipping event a family affair. Kids would be amazed at both mom and dad hopping up and down to the swish of a rope singing at the top of their lungs. If not skipping then perhaps a game of hopscotch together. (a little less strenuous too).

March brings weather changes, new growth all around us, and longer stretches of daylight too. Start collecting some picture books to get your kids in the "spring mood". Prepare them tonight at bedtime for a fun and active day tomorrow.

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