Thursday, August 6, 2009

August pondering

It is already the month of August and one starts to get a little sqirmmy because you know that school is on its way. There is something about this month that calls....summer is and fall are not far away. I love this month because you have to hunker down and enjoy every living moment of it because soon the greens will fade into fall colours and bring our beautiful summer to an end. How is the reading going? We have had so much rain here lately that there has been no excuse not to read. Dining room tables, bookcases, bedside tables all are spilling over with mountains of good books crying out to be picked up and read. There is nothing more entertaining and peaceful than losing yourself in a good book on those dreary and rainy days. Kids love to have their own books and adults love to curl up and just be still and engage with authors and illustrators that can transport them out of their ordinary experience and into an extraordinary one. Capture reading times on video and camera, share books, have book talks and discussions, use book-talks to bond your family language together. Laugh about books, cry about books, get involved with a good story. Creative a book of your own using your own illustrations or photos that you have taken on a trip. Pictures and words belong together. Words and families belong together. Books enhance life's experiences. Read, read, read, as if there is no tomorrow.
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