Friday, July 24, 2009

A day in the life...

Wake up tomorrow...grab your camera...and document what you do all day. This is a wonderful project for kids to do. At the end of the day print out all your pictures and using a cheap photo album (you can get them at the dollar store-pick up a few to use for other projects) have your child place the photos in chronological order. Under each picture they can write a caption to explain what is going on. This is a fun activity and one that kids love to share with friends or other family members. Even if it is a boring rainy day you can snap kids reading, making their beds, eating meals, playing their games, anything that is an event that day. Try it. The kids will be the "star" of their new published book and it will be a treasure to keep and a positive memory that was captured on film. A Day in the life of ______________! Make sure you date the book and have your child record the date and their signature. Happy reading!
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