Monday, August 24, 2009

I hear the sounds of distant bells...

School bells that is. Make sure you are preparing your little ones for that life-changing move into school. There are many books that can aid you in this experience. On my Book Nook section of our website I highlighted "Panda Kindergarten", First Day Jitters" and The Kissing Hand." Check the September reviews out at " " Other books to use are: Amelia Bedielia's First day of School and Marley"s First Day at School. All good thing to do is to google or and insert "first day of school " in the kids section.Tons of good books will pop up and you just browse the list. You will be able to find the perfect book for you own child. Another option is to go to your local library and ask your librarian what she recommends for this joyous occasion. Librarians are wonderful, knowledgeable people who love to give their wisdom and advice on such matters. This transition for kids is a really big deal. Make sure you have read, conversed, encouraged and inspired them regarding their new life adventure. If you spend that time before the school bell rings you will have a happier, more secure child when that little one enters into the world of school and the doors close behind them in September.
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