Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September has arrived!

Just dropped my "baby" off for an orientation morning at his new high school. I cannot believe he will be attending high school! Where does the time go? It was fun to watch him prepare for the event with bus schedule research, time tables study, necessary purchases (bought with his own money this year because he worked with his dad this summer), and a real sense of excitement regarding his new school adventure. When he was little I always prepared him with wonderful, loving, calming books like the "Kissing Hand", and "First Day Jitters. " Every first day I took his photo as he sported his new haircut and backpack and then stashed all those photos in his personal school album. It is fun to see that same little smile embedded in a growing face which now has a little dusting of hair on the top lip. It is such an important task each year, no matter how old your child is, to walk with them and talk with them about their new school adventures. Take time to listen to their fears and anxieties and be sure to soothe and encourage that transition. If all our kids step out the door covered with our support and love that will truly spill on to others as they hit the school scene. Nothing is like a mother's/father's strong input as your baby walks out the door to face another new year, no matter what his/her age. I am such a big softie, the event still brings tears to my eyes.
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