Friday, October 2, 2009

October is a great month for books!

Happy October to everyone! The air has a crisp chill, there are coloured leaves adorning our trees, and the fragrance of hot apple cider brings back fond memories of my near-Muskoka upbringing.
Here are some books that will be wonderful reads if you catch "Fall Fever." These books are by the same author Jill Esbaum
The first is "Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin Pie." It takes you on a pumpkin journey and explores all the facets of a pumpkin from seed to tummy. It also discusses other ways that people utilize pumpkins such as carving jack-o'-lanterns and using the left-overs for animal feed and fertilizer. The fabulous photos are awesome and the simple text is perfect for beginning readers.
Her other book is similar in format and it is called "Apples for Everyone." Again the sparse text is adorned with gorgeous photos of the apple's journey and not only do they look brilliant they are mouthwatering to behold. These are amazing books to use in pre-school, JK, or K.
To round out the Fall spectrum of books, may I suggest National Geographic books "A Tree for All Seasons" and "PIlgrims of Plymouth" Don't forget both Thanksgiving (for Canadians) and Hallowe'en are tucked into this month making ideal themes to read about with your kids. Boo...Boo...Books are great!
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