Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Tear Thief-a book review

                                     Quote of the Day

"A good book should leave you...slightly exhausted at the end.  You live several lives while reading it."
                                    ~William Styron, 1958

Author:  Carol Ann Duffy
Illustrator: Nicoletta Ceccoli

This beautiful book is a modern day fairytale and will give kids the chance to discuss and understand why people cry.  We do not always cry because of sorrow but sometimes from pain, jealousy, anger and guilt.  The words are lyrical and the artwork is truly exceptional and whimsical.

A little invisible sprite you can only see in puddles spends the hours between supper and bedtime loitering on the chimney pots of houses around children's houses to capture their tears when they cry. When she hears their wails she hurriedly springs into action and collects their tears in her silver sack.  What does she do with the tears when her sack is full to the brim?  She pours them into the moon to keep it glowing in the night sky.  Not all the tears are worthy of keeping the moon fuelled - only genuine tears will work.  Tears of anger glow ruby-red, those of envy sparkle like emeralds, and crocodile tears are no good at all.  The most valued tears are ones of true sorrow.

The writing is peaceful and calm and the illustrations are soft and dream-like making it the perfect bedtime story.  The message being that sadness can be transformed into something beautiful.  You will definitely want to have this stunning book in your private collection.

 An interview with the author ....

Glasgow, 23/12/55
FAVOURITE SONG:Changes daily. Today it is ‘Tommy the Termite’.
FAVOURITE FILM:It’s a Wonderful Life
When did you start writing?
At school.
Where do you get your ideas and inspiration from?
Can you give your top 3 tips to becoming a successful author
1 Read.
2 Daydream.
3 Be alone.
Favourite memory
The birth of my daughter, Ella.
Favourite place in the world and why?
Edinburgh, because it’s so beautiful to walk in.
What are your hobbies?Don’t have any.
If you hadn’t been a writer what do you think you would have been?

                                             Book Review Rating:   9  (Close to Perfection!)

Read on and read always!

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