Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!

2010 is full of reading possibilities! Stock up, stack up and read. Check out blogs and reviews on good books that would interest you and your family. Browse bookstores and buy newspapers and magazines for your home. Let your kids see "print" all over your home. Model reading good books to them yourself. Give books as presents and talk them up. Go to a library and get your child their own library card. Be proactive about the written word and your kids will get it. Keep the flame of reading alive. Just like we have been witnessing the Olympic flame being passed from runner to runner all across Canada, we must pass that torch of reading on to the next generations. Don't let the flame die. You too can be an athlete in world of reading. The word is counting on us to keep it going into minds and hearts all around us. Dare to run with it!
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