Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Good day!

Just noticed I posted book reviews twice on the blog. Oh well, the books are extra good and need a duplicate encouragement for you to get out and buy or borrow them. Have you been out gardening yet? Our spring weather is about three weeks of schedule so it's been a treat to be out in the backyard earlier this year. The book possibilities for this theme are endless. You could get books about the flowers, shrubs, and trees that in your landscape to read to your kids. I personally have a bird feeder and bird bath up and running. The species of critters that use these facilities is staggering and would make wonderful reading experiences for your children. Don't forget to include insects, weather patterns, cloud formations and recipe books to cook up that perfect summer meal or ideal picnic. Use your daily life experiences to hook the kids into a good book related experience. Any birthday parties? anniversaries? weddings? baptisms? coming up in the near future. Plan ahead and buy a book to attach to the occasion. Be wise, be creative and be a reader. Kids learn by example and that model for them this summer. Travel, camping, sleepovers, night skies are all worthy of being showcased in a book. Happy reading!
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