Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Spotlight on David Bouchard

David was born in Northern Saskatchewan and spent his youth at a private school called College Mathieu. He was a reluctant reader himself and started reading for pleasure at the age of 27. He wrote his first book at age 37. He struggled with dyslexia. He is now an acclaimed author, educator (former teacher/principal) and presenter. He is a champion of literacy and has written more than 50 books both in French and English. He combines poetry, prose, visual arts and now music. His topics includes the environment, history, and traditions and cultures of Canada's Aboriginal communities. He is a magnificent storyteller and sought after public speaker who promotes the importance of the joy of reading and writing. He lives in Victoria B.C. with his wife Vickie and his daughter Victoria. He has received the many awards and accolades and even is a member of the Order of Canada.

David's quote: "The greatest gift we an give our children is the gift of reading. There is no magic in giving it. There is no toy or program that will do the job for us. It takes time, commitment and most of all, fire...."

He has a great website where all his books are listed, detailed and for sale. Please check him out. Be inspired to read on.
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