Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Book Review on "Changing the Conversation"

Book Review: Changing the Conversation
Author: Gary Klaben
Reviewer: Marilyn Panton

Webster’s Dictionary says a conversation is an informal exchange of ideas by spoken words, usually a relaxed and casual exchange. The book, “Changing the Conversation” by Gary Klaben is just that. It is an easy, understandable read that shares information between friends. His amiable manner gets your attention and trust as he imparts his wisdom and experience in regard to people’s emotional attachment to their wealth and assets.
Everyone has experience with money – you can’t live with it or without it - but in your journey of life you must find strategies to make your money work for you and not against you. In this world of financial stress and worry everyone around us is crying doom, gloom and hopelessness when it comes to money. Gary comes out with a message of hope and restoration as we look forward into our future and see how we will handle our money. He advises us not to give up and withdraw but rather to look back and draw upon the past successes.
The past was a time when families had trusted financial advisors that they could rely on to give them honest advice and council. These personal financial advisors were present to coach and mentor not only to you personally but also to future family generations. He calls for the national conversation to change so people will know there is hope and a way to restore family wealth, wellness and happiness again. He claims that with a new support system to guide us to live within our means, make our lives simpler, and help us to make wise choices we all can and will have a better quality of life.
Life is not all about the assets, cash flow, taxes, or stewarding your estate but much about your emotional attachment to money. This is a book written from the heart and challenges you to re-think how your money impacts your life. It consoles us with the truth that money is not our idol or god but a tool to be used to take us through this journey of life. We all must stop and take stock of what is important in our life….is it money or long term relationships? Family? Your health? Your well being? By changing that stressful conversation and obtaining a positive perspective we can make a change. We must put money in its proper place and focus on what is most important in our lives.
We cannot take money and our “stuff” with us when we go but we must learn how to manage these things while we are still here. We must concentrate on and value the relationships around us and focus on their wellbeing and happiness, heeding the call to act upon it now. Our grandchildren and great-grand children deserve the best from us. Speak up, discover the truth, and read this wisdom! Gary Klaben’s book encourages and inspires us to not give up but get going. Be proactive he urges and go change the conversion.
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