Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Imagine a whole new year of possibilities

I love January with the clean slate, new year resolutions and making new goals for your life. It is something that everyone at least thinks about even though they may not follow through with their plans. There is an endless adventure awaiting you through good books. Promise yourself to read, share and converse about the great books that you will have ingested this year. Now is the perfect time to go online or browse book stores and take advantage of the January sales. I personally got a Chapter's gift card in my stocking and I intend on some cold and blustery night to creep downstairs in my jammies and order a pile of good books to stack beside my bed for future reading. Books are educational, inspiring and just plain fun. We need to re-evaluate the value of a good book this year. They do not go out of style, become outdated with a new wave of technology, or even need to be plugged in or cry out for new batteries. Get going....treat yourself....indulge...they are better than chocolate (won't hang on your hips), cheaper than a plane ticket (you can travel the world for free) and they will expand your mind and imagination. Books for the new year are a must for your personal health and well being. Buy one today-you are worth it. Oh and when you have read a great book let us know and we can all share it with each other.
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