Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tell it back

When you are reading with your child, choose a good book and read aloud in funny, sad, expressive voices to make the story come alive. Discuss portions of the story as you go along to enrich the vocabulary, reading experience. For example: If you are reading a book about the gingerbread man, say wow! remember we had those cookies at Christmas, or grandma used to make those when I was little, or they are great cookies to dunk in tea. Make parts of the story personal to create memories for your child. When you are all done and maybe sometime the next day when you are busy cooking or whatever..say to your child....remember the book we read at bedtime last night? I forget some of the story. Could you tell me what it was all about so I can remember all of it? Together you can recite the story orally and used memory and recall skills to retell the story. Have not test...just remember together.
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