Friday, April 8, 2011

Here is a fabulous little book for you...

Yesterday I highlighted a poem by Marilyn Singer entitled, "A Stick is an Excellent Thing". Today I want to add to that theme by featuring an adorable little book by John Lechner entitled, "The Clever Stick." It is perfect for a spring read....

Wishing you warm, happy words to wrap up in and exciting adventures to dive into as you explore new children’s picture books in 2011! Spring is here and kids will be outside soon enjoying the great weather. Read always, from your heart! Share your passion for reading with others.

My review of the week is:

Title: The Clever Stick
Author: John Lechner
Ages: 5-9

Who could believe that a stick could be the primary character in a children’s picture book? This wonderful read-aloud is a great book to share with your kids. Lechner’s words and story are lyrical and feel just like a fairytale.
The author writes: “Ever since he had fallen off the tree, he had been sharp. He would sit in the sand and think up all sorts of clever things. He would float down the stream, making up poetry. He would listen to the singing of the birds and wonder what made it sound so beautiful.” Stick was very observant, but his problem was he had no voice and could not communicate to those around him. Lechner proposes a brilliant solution for Stick. The artwork fits perfectly with the text. It is done in subdued colors and is very beautiful. In the book there are many ideas to discuss such as the importance of communicating and writing. You can also explore the importance of flexibility and providence. I liked this book a lot and highly recommend it, its packed full of fun.

Have a wonderful weekend full of books and read on.
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