Monday, April 11, 2011

Signs of Spring outside!

Want to have a scavenger hunt with your kids? Take a square piece of paper (bristol board, inside of a cereal box, piece of computer paper, or a piece of construction paper and cut a hole in the middle the size of a dime. Have each person in your little group have a piece of that paper. Go for a walk and hold the paper up to your eye so that the hole becomes a lens. See what you can discover and explore with that paper "camera" that relates to spring. You may find some pussy willows, some flowers peeking up through the soil, a bird chirping in a tree, buds ready to burst open on a tree or bush. Check out the park. Are there more kids there? Are people outside walking? walking their pets? Look around and have a scavenger hunt to see who can spot and capture signs of spring with his/her camera. When you get home you can make a list of all the "spring things" you spotted. Draw pictures of your favourite "find." Read the list together to dad or back to each other before you go to bed. Spring is a time to rejoice, feel alive and know that life is returning to our world. Look around you, open your eyes to the changes, engage in the experience and read on.
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