Sunday, April 24, 2011

He's alive!

Church was awesome today! The candles, the music, the communion all meshed together to enhance community and the message that Jesus indeed has risen. I so love this season and it encourages me in my faith and my place in this world. The resurrection reminds me of life, things in my garden being reborn and how spring gives us hope of renewal. I encourage you to engage in life this new season. Re-commit yourself to give yourself a new birth. Get some books to read that are inspiring to you and share those ideas with others around you. Reading is very social and needs to be discussed and shared. Challenge yourself to buy (or borrow one from a friend or the library) a book that will make a significant change in your life. You are not alone and many have travelled the path you are on now. Learn from their documented journeys. With courage and stamina press forward to stay on your life's course. Be purpose driven as Rick Warren, a well known pastor and author would say. Books abound that are written just for this period of your life. Books can be a mentor, a teacher and a great friend. Start a community of books today that want to hang out with you and will love you just as you are. Read on.
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