Saturday, May 28, 2011

Any ornithologists in your family?

Ornithology is the scientific study of birds so an ornithologist is a person who studies birds. We have two bird feeders in our backyard and I put a silver tray out on the bbq top shelf full of nuts and birdseed too! The birds and critters that drop by for a meal or snack is amazing. We are always checking out our window to see who our new guests might be. I really encourage you to start your own feeding station and perhaps even find a cute little birdhouse to post so you too can enjoy the thrill of the wild as they come to visit your backyard. There are many, many books available that will help you identify the feeding habits, habitats and habits of the birds you may encounter. Here are a few for you to check out.

1. Backyard Birds: An Introduction by Robert Bateman and Ian Coutts
Mr. Bateman is an amazing painter of wildlife. This book contains exquisite paintings and very
informative text. He is a naturalist and storyteller and you put the two together it equals a
must-have book to explore and learn from. Mr. Bateman also raises much money for environmental

2. Backyard Birds of Summer: The Perfect Introduction to Birding by Carol Lerner
This is an oversized picture book with full-colour, to-scale sized pictures. It is cleverly
written to help kids (and you) be the best host/hostess for your birds that you can be.
The book explains how to attract, feed, identify bird species and actually contains maps for
you to explore. This book will get your kids involved in their environment and be awakened to
the nature that is right in their back yard.
Both books are highly recommended and it is a great thing to add non-fiction books to your collection. Happy Saturday to you and read on.
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