Friday, May 6, 2011

The Collectibles- new adult book review for you

This book has a few expletives in it but in context and relevant to the characters.

Title: The Collectibles
Author: James J. Kaufman

The main character, Joe Hart, truly is a man of noble character. Born in the Adirondack Mountains, Joe is orphaned at a young age and goes to live with his aunt and uncle who end up raising him. From a very simple and humble beginning, through hard work and determination, Joe first excels at being a navy submarine commander and later chooses a career as a high profile lawyer. He is greatly respected and sought after in his chosen field. He is a man who leads with his heart and treats people around him with dignity, identifying with their personal struggles and suffering. His generous spirit leads him to befriend the irregular people of humanity, which he lovingly refers to as “his collectibles.”
Preston Wilson, on the other hand, is a self-centered very rich businessman who is on the brink of bankruptcy. He thinks only of himself and his power resulting in making very bad business decisions. His repeated, careless actions cause much pain not only to the well being his numerous companies, but also in his personal life. He seeks out Joe Hart for wise council and trusts him to sort out the mess that he is in. Joe finally accepts to represent him on the condition that Preston totally submits himself and follows Joe’s rules implicitly. Period. No negotiations. Preston has no choice but to comply and accept Joe’s challenge if he is to survive.
The bottom line is that Preston must inherit and promise to befriend and care for Joe’s collectibles for the rest of his life. The beautiful irony is that Preston becomes a totally transformed man in the process. The attributes that Joe Hart exudes: loyalty, compassion and unconditional love make him a very endearing man to many. As you read the book these qualities are the ones that you would like to embrace and transpose into your own life.
My verdict: Guilty of loving this book and passing it on to others to read.

Adults need good reading material too. Read on.
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