Saturday, May 21, 2011

Long weekend, beautiful weather,finally.....

This day has it all. The weather is perfect, the extra day added to the weekend is perfect, and you have your choice of things to do. When you own that choice you must choose wisely. Will I go to the park? sleep in? nibble on some more snacks? finish up a good book that I am reading? All of the above is the perfect choice on a long weekend. Time is a perfect gift. We all are so blessed to be able to relax and do what we want. If you look around the world many people are unable to do that. They lack resources and peace in their country. Books, naps, special family times, sharing, loving, togetherness all are the order of the day. Chose the best, chose some quiet, reflective time with a good book. Pack a special storybook if you travel, stick one in your picnic basket if you can, browse a few book stores with your kids, model that reading is good this weekend. Read on.
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