Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Book review for you today!

Title: Journals of the Big Mouth Bass
Book 1 – Keeping Secrets

Author: Debbie Sue Bass Williamson

What do you do if you are a nine-year-old girl and can’t keep a secret? Your brother nicknames you big mouth bass and you know he is painfully right. You check out your birthday presents and cling to a gift that brings you hope. What is the best gift that you received? It is a journal from your mom and you decide to post your secrets to God because God won’t tell anybody. Your secrets are safe with God right?
Debbie, our precocious main character, pours out her heart and dreams to God and she is correct, the secrets stay bound between the pages of her journal. Her entries include reflections of her red hair and freckles (she hates them), her tomboyish ways (she aspires to be more girly) and her sad lack of girl friends at school. She explores her feelings and emotions through her writing and exposes her first real crush on Jesse, one of her brother’s good friends.
Keeping Secrets will draw you in as you observe how a little girl struggles to fit into her world and witness how she is maturing into a lovely young lady.
This book is also a great tool to use in the classroom. A teacher could use it as a stepping-stone to encourage her class to start journals of their own.

Read and write on.
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