Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The ultimate bugs or TUB collection....

Especially with these documented bugs. If you are not fond of little creeping, crawling bugs then these mammoth ones would terrify you and may show up in some dreams. In his awesome book "Biggest Bugs Life-Size" by George Beccaloni you will be mesmerized by these amazing large beasties. The stunning photos document 38 of the world's biggest, heaviest, longest and mightiest bugs that exist on our planet. The jump-off-the-page pictures captures their actual size and their colours are jaw=dropping. Mr. Beccaloni's text is rich with knowlegable facts and he includes maps that will help you discover the location of each bug. You will be wide-eyed as you learn about the Goliath Bird-Eating Spider, The Empress Cicada, the world's longest millipede that is the length of a strand of spaghetti and a beetle that is so strong, it can actually break a pencil with it's powerful jaws. Wouldn't your kids love to witness that? A perfect gift to give to your kids and oh the possibilities of a great school project using this as a resource! Believe me they will be so absorbed in this book that when you call them for dinner they will say....don't BUG ME...I'm reading a book. (yes that was bad but had to be said)

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