Thursday, June 9, 2011

Games to play in your garden

Remember being a kid and actually going outside in your yard and playing games? It is almost a lost art these days isn't it? Let's turn the clock back and remember those special times under the hot sun. There are many games that you can play outdoors that are fun. interactive and social. You can play: Red Rover, Ring around the Rosie, Hide n' Seek, Kick the can, try skipping with all the fabulous skipping rhymes blurting out, or perhaps red light green light. Mother May I was also one of my favourites. There are actual books that you can buy to help you with these games and many, many others. You can purchase a hula hoop, or a simple ball and bat, a soccer ball to kick around, or even a little bug-house to put insects in so you can look at them up close and personal. Go outdoors. Use the outdoors as a teaching tool for physical and scientific activities with your kids. Become "green" savvy around your home. Engage in nature. Tell stories to your kids about your experiences growing up. Model games and songs and have fun. Do it together. Become a kid again and let the games begin!
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