Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weekends are exclusively for you...

It is summer. It is holiday time. It is a blessings to kick back and relax at your cottage or in your garden. On weekends now I will post only when the spirit moves me and if I am available. Let's just relax ourselves for these short months of great weather and no schedules. Find books that you love to read, curl up and do just that. Have a stack of books ready for your kids too, whether they read them in a treehouse, on the beach, or swinging in your backyard hammock. Start building them up now and make reading a priority this summer. If you are not going away plan trips to the local bookstore, get involved in summer library programmes or go online with your kids and let them choose some books to buy. It is so fun to have them check the mailbox and wait for those wonderful books to arrive by post. We all need a break. We all need down time. We all need to choose what we want to read. We all deserve a good book to get lost in. Read on.
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