Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Your kids, your camera and you

This is a big push to get that camera into your hands and into your kids hands. When you are out in your garden be sure to have your camera on hand. You can make a "Our Garden 2011" book to enjoy all winter long. Document the planning times, the digging times, the dirt-filled adventures, and most of all the labeling of all the beautiful plants that you are planting. Snap pictures not only of the foliage, but also the live life that visits your garden. Think of the oral stories and written ones that can be share around a big fat old wiggly worm, or a tiny, exquisite, red ladybug. You can make digital books with your pictures online and add your child's words to form the text. You can also go to the dollar store and buy a scrapbook to literally cut and paste pictures into. You then can help add labels, sentences, paragraphs, or complete accurate or imaginative stories to your book. Keep the finished book out on your coffee table or somewhere in view so people can enjoy it. Be sure to include the author/ photographer's name/ and published date. Authenticate this piece of work and know it will be a coveted memory made in your 2011 garden. Read on.
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