Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hello to everyone! I have missed you but have had a wonderful, relaxing and fun vacation away from technology. Hope everyone is fine and ready to jump into some new and exciting kid's books and tips. I will seriously get back to blogging on Monday as I need a few days to re-organize (like house cleaning and my laundry) and then I am ready to go. Was fortunate enough to extend my getaway a few more days and took advantage of the opportunity.
It is steamy hot here in Mississauga and really the outside temperature is unbearable. I specifically want people to think about and pray for those without a.c. and a quality of life that keeps them safe from this blistering heat wave. Thank the Lord for those volunteering to walk around with cool bottles of water for those left homeless, and thank the Lord for places like pools that will be kept open, air conditioned malls, movie theaters and libraries that provide a cool sanctuary for those who need to be protected. Be sure to check on loved ones if they are alone and be mindful of your pets....don't ever, ever, ever leave pets/babies/ or any living thing locked in your car with windows up. Take precautions, use your common sense,take care, and read on (hopefully somewhere cool!) Blessings.
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