Monday, September 26, 2011

Naturally blending books with life

You do not have to stress about which books to borrow or to buy to gain your child's interesst. Just live life, look around at what is happening in your family, the seasons, family experiences etc.and choose books to enhance those experiences. For instance, if you know that your child has a doctor/dentist appointment in the near future get a book or two on that topic and share it. If your family is planning a trip, or is waiting for the arrival of a new baby, or having construction done around your home, find books about these events and share them. Life happenings + a book make the experience indelible in your child's mind. Also sharing these books gives you lots of opportunity for discussions, conversations and understanding regarding the things that are taking place right here and now. Be proactive in this. Check your calendar, see what is coming up in your family's life and plan to have literature around for your child to learn from but mostly enjoy. Day to day life is often documented in books for your child to read. Read on.
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