Tuesday, September 27, 2011

rainy, yukky day here time to play

On these days when you do not want to get out of your jammies...don't! Gather your kids around you and play reading games that are interactive and lots of fun. Read stories out loud, act out the funny parts, make reading cards to shuffle and read together, document the day with your camera and make a "rainy day in the Panton house" photo album, take your word cards and hide them throughout the house then get a cute little bag and go on a treasure hunt to find them, spread the cards all over the floor and when you gather them up shout the words out loud, put your child's favourite outfit to wear on the floor (like a real person is laying there minus your child) and make label cards for each clothing item, make cards for your breakfast food or lunch food and read them together. Pull out your dress-up trunk and create a character that you can write a play about, if you are bi-lingual make the reading cards in two languages. Throw an old blanket over a table, add some comfy pillows and a pile of books and voila....a reading fort magically appears. The point is don't be discouraged by the weather but embrace the time together to have fun while being productive with words. Maybe make a call to grandma/grandpa and read a story to her/him over the phone just to cheer her up. The possibilities are endless. Be super creative and use your imagination that is unique to your family situation. Make this rainy day a reading day. Read on.
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