Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Practice causes fluency and enjoyment

Greg Pincus

I practice piano an hour a day.
I keep getting better, I guess.
I practice my handwriting each year in school.
It still looks a lot like a mess.
At basketball practice, I shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot –
On average I make four of ten.
I’m constantly hearing that practice makes perfect…
But all I can wonder is “when?”

Keep at it and it will happen. Read silently. Read out loud. Read to each other. Read to pets. Read to other family members. The more kids are exposed to the written word the more they learn to love it. With practice comes fluency, understanding, enhanced vocabulary, a richer imagination and a true love for stories. Immerse your child, marinate your child, encourage your child to pick up good books and read. Read on.
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