Sunday, September 11, 2011

Time is a ticking......

It is now one week into the school year. Now is the time to take inventory and see how your child's school year is going to unfold. Take his/her schedule and see what is on the horizon. Map out the textbooks that are being used, possible books that could be used for book reports, and the organizational skills are measuring up. Keep close tabs on projects that will be coming up or tests to be taken. Be sure to secure a quiet place for your child to sit and do her/his homework--distraction free, if possible. Make sure your child has a snack before the homework is launched and there is adequate lighting for them to do good work. If a child needs your help be sure to make yourself available to give support and encouragement. Continue to read daily to your child. It is so important that they spend quality time listening to new (and old favourite) stories. Constant exposure to good literature is a very vital part of your child's education. The school curriculum is very cut and dry to cover the skills that your child will need to succeed for this year. You be the one to introduce them to fabulous stories and adventures that are contained in stories that they should and can read outside the classroom. Always make these stories exciting and fun and geared to your child's interests. These books will expand your child's vocabulary and especially his/her imagination. Sometimes educational books are dry and functional but you can be the catalyst to bring fantastic stories to your child's attention. Go ahead. You can accomplish this. Get involved. Be an inspiration to your child. Read on, always.
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