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"Watermelon Madness" - a bookwrap


I looked around
And no one was there 
Peeked at my mother, 
She wasn't aware.
So I ate the watermelon
Like a bear.

A second slice,
Did I dare?
I looked again, 
Still none here.
So I ate the watermelon
Like a bear.

I was still hungry,
That was rare.
My mother called,
I didn't care.
So I ate the watermelon
Like a bear.

Now I'm done,
The skin lays bare
Answered my mother
"I'm right here!"
But why did I eat the watermelon
Like a bear?


Unwrapping some wonderful, fun illustrations for you to enjoy

About the book

Noura is a watermelon addict. Morning, noon and night all she wants to eat is a large chunk of that awesome juicy red fruit.  She refuses all other foods, no way, it's only watermelon for her.  Her distraught parents try to encourage her to try other foods but stubborn Noura refuses.  It's exclusively watermelon on her menu or else.  Finally she  throws a tantrum at the dinner table after another struggle of trying to get her to eat molokhiya, chicken and rice.  Mama has had it and gets angry.  She tells her daughter firmly that she must eat her molokhiya first then she can have her beloved watermelon.  

That evening Noura sneaks into the kitchen and low and behold what does she find on the table?  Yes... a big, beautiful watermelon and she wants to eat it all by herself?  She sneaks the watermelon and rolls it under her bed to eat later when everyone is asleep and she can dine solo in perfect bliss.

Can Noura manage to pull off this watermelon caper?  What will happen to her if she manages to eat the whole thing all by herself?  What consequences of her devious deed just might turn her towards other wholesome foods to eat and save delicious watermelon for dessert purposes as Mama suggests?

Noura learns a wonderful life lesson about being a picky eater and not wanting to branch out and sample different foods.  The foods in the story are from the Middle East culture so that is fun for kids to learn about.  The book was originally published in Arabic and in the back are fun facts about watermelons.  "Watermelon Madness"  is a great pick to introduce kids to another culture and will be an asset in a classroom or elementary school library.  

Storywrap Rating - 5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author

Taghreed Najjar تغريد النجار is the founder of Al Salwa Publishing House. She is a well known writer of children picture books and teen books. Many of her books have been adopted as supplementary readers by schools in the region.
Taghreed enjoys visiting schools for “meet the author” events and for story reading sessions of her latest books. She says, “It is an exhilarating experience interacting with my readers. I feel truly privileged to be a part of their childhood memories through my books.” 
She is the author of over 50 Arabic children books. Some of her titles have been translated and published in English,Swedish and Turkish.
Taghreed has travelled to many parts of the world to read her stories but now resides in Amman, Jordan with her family where she continues to write.
تعدّ تغريد النجار من رواد أدب الأطفال الحديث في الأردن. تخرجت من الجامعة الأميركية في بيروت عام 1973، وحصلت على بكالوريس أدب انجليزي ودبلوم في التربية والتعليم وتخصصت فرعيا بعلم النفس. تكتب تغريد قصصًا مصورة موجهة إلى الفئة العمريّة الأولى 3+. وقد بدأت مؤخّرًا بكتابة روايات لليافعين، لاقت نجاحًا كبيرًا، واحتفى بها قرّاؤها على نطاق واسع، كما تم اعتمادها في المدارس كجزء من مناهجها الدراسية. تُرجم العديد من أعمالها إلى لغات أجنبية كالإنجليزية والسويدية والتركية. وقد فازت بعض كتبها بجوائز مهمة وأُدرج بعضها الآخر على اللوائح القصيرة لجوائز إقليمية

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