Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Monday

Ready to kick off the week? This week we are going to explore and discuss children's vocabulary expansion and critical spelling skills. If you get nothing else from what I say - know, that you know, that you know... reading out loud to your child daily is the most efficient way to expose your child to new words and their meanings. It is fun, exciting and a shared learning experience. As you read and encounter words that are unfamiliar stop and talk about them. Go over the pronunciation and the meaning of the word, then perhaps another word that may mean the same thing that your child might know. Think of all the books out there waiting to be opened, read and understood. Vocabulary building does not have to be like a school lesson,often dull and boring. Done from home, through a good book, it is truly the way to go. Who knows? You may add to your own personal word list too. Have fun and read on!
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