Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vocabulary building

Words, words, words surround us everywhere. Vocabulary bombards our eyes and mind everywhere we look. When you are out shopping, browsing through a magazine, travelling in the car or even out for a walk point to signs and billboards and read them out loud together. It is fun to play "spot the word" - as you find a word, say it out loud and have your child "spot" it and shout it out to you. Children already can read McDonald's, Walmart, Starbucks etc. Have your child become familiar with stop signs, street signs, etc. Always be proactive when it comes to pointing and reading these words out. You will be so amazed at how these words will get absorbed into your little one's mind and then when the words appear in a book your child will recognize them with little effort. Make these activities short, fun and full of excitement. Reading is a blast. Reading is to be shared and talked about. You know how important it is in your child's life and road to success. Be a catalyst to pass this awesome gift...the gift of reading onto your child. Read on.
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