Friday, October 28, 2011

Monday is Hallowe'en Night

Hallowe'en is the time for darkness, shadows, scary events, spooky costumes and strangers opening up the door. Sometimes the whole "dark" theme creates fear and apprehension in our little ones. Emotionally they are just not ready for that fear factor that adults want to impose upon them. Hallowe'en books should be age appropriate and meant to engage and entertain rather than scare and terrify. One of my favourite books is entitled, "Darkness Slipped In." Here is a quick review to showcase this marvelous book.

Author is: Ella Burfoot
Ages: 2-5

This book truly stole my heart. It is written in rhyme and is inventive and enchanting. Daisy shows no fear when Darkness slips in through the window one evening. Darkness is portrayed as friendly and welcoming to her. Darkness is dressed in a wonderful, glossy, black patent-leather style that gradually fills the whole room. He is funky and spunky and they both love to dance the night away and have fun together. The brilliant accent colours of lemon yellow and hot pink make this book visually striking. If giving this book as a special gift think of including a little nightlight with it too. Other books by the author are: Louie and the Monsters and Bear and Me. Truly excellent! It is the book that I wish I had written. Read on.
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