Thursday, October 27, 2011

Love this series...and just in time for Hallowe'en

Here are of some more exciting reading materials for your older kids to digest. This series of fabulous little books that belong in the school library and in your own personal collection. My son adored this character and I actually presented the book to him with a personalized straw for his own reading pleasure.

Title: The Ink Drinker
Aurhor: Eric Sanvoisin
Illustrator: Martin Matj Ages: 8 and up

If your household is caught up in the Vampire craze here is a little vampire book with a macabre twist that your kids will surely enjoy. A boy who hates to read finds himself stuck in his father’s bookstore over vacation. He hates books, hates being trapped there so decides to spy on customers. One strange-looking gentleman catches his eye as the man shuffles through the bookshelves. The guy isn’t browsing, he’s (yes!) he’s sticking a straw between the pages and sucking heartily. The boy discovers that when he opens the book after the man has exited that the pages are totally blank. The fellow had sucked up the ink on every printed word in the book. With caution and fear the boy follows the weird, pale fellow into the cemetery where the boy ends up developing a taste for something, much more filling and satisfying than mere blood. Fun, a little dark and shadowy but highly entertaining.

Continue the Ink Drinker adventures with: A Straw for Two, The City of Ink
Drinkers and Little Red Ink Drinker. Grab a straw and start draining those pages. Read on.
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