Monday, October 3, 2011

New look...change is good

Welcome to my new and improved blog. It is always fun to try out new things and get people's reactions. I think the book theme is happening and I adore that shade of blue in the header. I may even surprise you once in a while and change it all up in a different way more often. It is the same with what you are reading. You tend to have your favourite genres but it is good to change it up for your reading skills and your further education. Kids need the same prod once in a while too. Boys especially tend to read the graphic novels, sports magazines,...or nothing at all... it is good to introduce them to a good fiction novel that centre around their interests and monitor it until the book is completed. Better yet, sit down and read it aloud to/with them. Kids are never too old to be read to. Schedule a reading time for say...half an hour an evening and curl up and read the novel together. The kids I taught in grade eight eagerly looked forward to me reading to them aloud each day. It is kind of a lost art and one that should be nurtured and kept alive. There is no time for teachers to read aloud to their kids any more during classroom time...a real pity..but you as a parent can step up and fill in that gap in your child's life. Go ahead, choose a good book to be read together and then spend that quality time with your child reading to each other. It will be one of the most cherished memories that your child will internalize and then pass onto his/her children. Read on.
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