Monday, October 24, 2011

Using a book to teach vocabulary - part 2

I just want to elaborate a bit more on expanding vocabulary using a favourite book A fun thing that you can try is take that old dull word list hanging on the fridge and put a tune to it. Yes, sing a word. Look at the word and belt out a few notes as it leaves your lips. Music is very powerful and sticks in your brain. Think back to the last song that you may have heard growing up and remember how you probably remembered most of the words to it. It always amazes me to this day how much musically-infused words are locked up in my brain. You can also take the pile of words and find a cute a basket or decorate a box. Have your child read the word out loud and if your child gets it correct he/she can toss it into the basket. Your aim....learn all the words...fill the basket. Be sure to read a book many, many times. It will become familiar and and a friend to your child. Use this book -"Froggy Books Go with Everything", to inspire your child's Hallowe'en costume. Be sure to include a fashion-accessory friend to accompany your child on his Hallowe'en adventures. There are a gazillion ways to use a book to aid in enriching your child's reading skills. These are just a few. Have fun, be creative, use your imagination..ignite the reading fire in your child today. Read on.
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