Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spelling fun

You can start spelling skills at a very young age with your child. When you start the oral word process stick a few spelling of the words into the process. Say this is a cat. You spell cat..c...a...t. This is a dog. You spell dog..d...o...g. You will be surprised at how much your child can aborb at an extremely tender age. When you need a fun activity make some chocolate pudding,get a big piece of white paper and slap some pudding on it. Print words with your finger...spell them out...swipe them off with your hand. Kids love to use different materials to learn such as a whiteboard/marker, chalkboard/chalk, beach/stick, magic slate/stylo etc. You can buy spelling games too. Spill and Spell is great, also Scrabble for Juniors when the time is right. Go online and look up "spelling games for kids", It is truly amazing what comes up. Books on the market include: Everything Kids Spelling Book by Shelley Galloway Sobger, The Spelling Book - Teaching Children how to Spell. Spellig is still very important, Don't raise your kids to rely on spell and check from the computer. Allow them to compute the correct spelling of words using their own brain. Start early, be consistent, have fun with it. Read on.
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