Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The aftermath of Hallwe'en

When I was a school librarian or a classroom teacher in elementary school, post Hallowe'en, I always made sure I had the book, "Mousekin's Golden House" by Edna Miller at my fingertips to share with my kids. I went to look it up on Amazon to pass the info on to you today and to my surprise fiund out that you can purchase it from indepedent sellers only starting at $109.00 + dollars. This is so crazy and so sad. It was such a great story about a little mouse who found a disgarded carved pumpkin and decided because winter was approachinng would inhabit this thorw-away and make it her home for the winter. When the severity of winter decended upon her little house the pumpkin started to decompose, shrink and the happy smile and eyes melted into each other creating a warm, cozy, winterized home for the happy little mouse. The story is just perfect to read following Hallowe'en. How sad to take these precious stories which have gone out of print and withhold them from our kids. Such is our culture. I am sorry you cannot pick this book up for a reasonable price BUT if you ever run across it in some bizarre garage sale or in someone's attic be sure to scoop it up, share it with your kids and hold on to it for dear life. Read on.
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