Friday, November 18, 2011

Perfect Christmas gifts

Looking for a perfect Christmas gift? Browse over the kid's classic book list and pick some of the titles that you are sure your child will love. Purchase those titles and then make a card, with a promise, to include inside your package. On that card declare that you will commit to read aloud, have the book read to you by your child, have another member of the family or even the whole family share in the reading of this book. Swear an oath that this book indeed will be used for "shared time". Your child can have a whole bookcase full of impressive books but if they are not read, discussed, and cherished they will lay silent where they are stored. Books are to celebrate, to learn, to become friends with, even to be treasured and passed on to the next generation of family readers. Classics are well on their way to being those coveted gifts that remain in families and are asked for by all ages to be read over and over again. The value and worth of a great book is timeless. Start this investment today and give expressions of your love through books. Christmas is the perfect time to get this tradition started. I made a point every Christmas to include at least one (or more) new Christmas titles in packages for each of my four kids. When two of my kids left the nest to go out on their own...guess what? They packed their private collections and included them in the move. I know my daughter is reading to her son those books she loved so much growing up as a young child.
Read on. The next generations are counting on you to pass the baton of reading on. Ignite the fire!
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