Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December!

Wow! It is December and Christmas is 24 days away. I cannot believe how fast and furious the time flies. I just wanted to take a break from introducing you to fabulous "literary experts" and insert a pause to recognize this new season that will quickly be upon us. This is a time to mentally prepare yourself for this busy time of year. With all the hustle and bustle do not forget what is important. Late nights, family parties and gathering can be so stressful to your children. Be sure to carve out quality time of quiet to curl up, relax, reboot and read together. Reading quiets their heads, theirs heart and their spirits. There are so many amazing Christmas books on the market these days for you to choose from. Start a collection today and keep these books in a special box tucked away when Christmas is all over. You can store them with your decorations and each year pull them to read again and again. I always made sure that each of my four kids received a Christmas book and I plan to continue that tradition with my grandkids. Books never get old. They never need batteries or are outgrown.....quite the opposite. Books become old, familiar friends that still bring a twinkle to the eye and a smile to the face as you meet up with them each year. Your kids will be enriched and in awe as your unveil these treasures and much less stressed if you include stacks of good books into their Christmas season festivities.
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