Friday, December 30, 2011

It's coming....are you ready?

Here are some fun activities to try just before the New Year rings in:

1. Grab some blank cards and a marker and start inputting some year dates on each separate one. For example: 1999 - the day your child was born, 1992 - the year you moved to a new home, 2010 - the year your new sister was born, 1953 - the year grandma was born etc.(you get the idea) Make 5-10 cards with just the numbers printed neatly and largely on them. Have fun flashing the number cards and seeing if your child can identify the significance of that date. (Be sure to include 2012 in your package)

2. Craft homemade instruments to clang, drum, shake in the new year. Simple tambourine consists of two paper plates with a handful of uncooked pasta in between them. Staple the instrument together and then pile on stickers, ribbon, bows etc. to shake in 2012.

3. Make hats, noise makers, and a huge big banner to hang up that says - Welcome New Year or the huge number of the year, or Happy New Year. Let the kids decorate and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

4. Compile a huge family list of "New Year's Resolutions" together. Decorate the list and hang it in a prominent place in your home to refresh memories of the promises to be kept in 2012.

5. More Happy New Year books consist of: Happy New Year Julie, Happy New Year Mallory, Happy Chinese New Year, Happy New Year Everywhere!

Get going. Get creating. Get reading. Get counting.....

let the games begin and read on into 2012!
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