Friday, December 23, 2011

Make this Christmas your own story....

These next few days....leading up....experiencing the Christmas traditions and happenings in your home....the real Christmas event....and the aftermath...why not have your camera there as a welcome guest to document Christmas 2011? Record Christmas at the "Jone's house"*(really yours) and be prepared afterwards to develop those pictures to use as reading happenings. Use those photos to scrapbook with your child. Create a whole documentary on how you celebrated the season at your house. Make a wonderful book that is an actual timeline of events complete with captions which will be both oral and written in that book. It is fun to sit down together to remember, and re-tell, and share your experiences together. When your personal journal is complete, and you have reminisced to your hearts content, tuck it away with your other Christmas treasure to be pulled out next year and be displayed with your coveted Christmas book collection. I have a whole box full of "Christmas past" homemade books which my kids (who are now mostly out of the nest) love to thumb through and laugh and remember when. These kind of every day living experiences can translate into valuable tools to help with your child's reading skills. They weave into your daily routines and are natural hooks to use to strengthen and establish excellent reading opportunities.
I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas with family and friends.
I pray your are surrounded with many gifts and much love.

Read on fellow lovers of books. Read on for yourself and pass the torch onto your kids.

In the next few days things will get kind of crazy around here so blogging might be spotty or non-existent. Who knows? Family love for my blog.....second. Please check by to see what's up.

I leave you with the words from that famous Christmas character we all love...

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