Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Remembering is always good

Always take time to remember with your family. Kids especially love to reminisce and recall special events and happenings. Whether it is orally retelling what happened or browsing through an old photo love the experience. It is a time for family conversations, family values and traditions to be reinforced and a precious time of bonding amongst members. Doing this activity provides your child with security, love and a true sense of belonging in a family. The stories and laughter that you can pass on to your child will be fixed in his/her memory enabling your child to pass that information on to the next generation. Long ago when printed books were not available many cultures kept their heritage stories alive by telling them out loud to their children. Do not forget the crucial importance of the verbal story. Wrap it in cuddles, giggles and highlights of things gone by.

A little poem to inspire you today:

It's Christmas past because...
Christmas has passed!
It's over, kaput, all done,
We stayed up late,
We overate,
We had loads and loads of fun.

It's history, it's a memory...
Now a fuzzy blur...all gone
The gifts exposed,
Now everyone knows,
We had loads and loads of fun!

*Marilyn Panton c.2011

Remember to read on. Blessings to you today.
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