Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fabulous little New Year's book for you to enjoy

This is a wonderful little book that you will enjoy reading to your little ones based on New Year's Resolutions. The author is Pat Miller. It explains what one is and follows the life of a little squirrel as she helps all the animals around her find a resolution but can't think of one for herself. The illustrations are great, the message of helping others in need and the information regarding this age-old tradition is just what the doctor ordered. Check it out today. You can also watch the book being read aloud on youtube. Of course you know I prefer the old-fashioned way with book-in-hand and child under your wing....nothing can compare to that method....nothing.

Other books exploring this theme worthy of noting are:

Kitchi's New Year's Resolution by Linda Di Luzio-Poitras and Bruno Poitras

Little Book of New Years Resolutions by Shoo Rayner

Read on and get going in 2012.
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